Welcome into the month of perfection.May God perfect all that is yours and your family.Olowogbogboro will definitely grant you testimonies this month in Jesus name.


Doing The King’s Business

Who is the King? The King is our father in heaven who has created us to fulfil His purpose on earth. Before we were formed in our mother’s belly He has known us, definitely He created us for a purpose. That purpose must be fulfilled, he does not embark on a business that he will not complete.

Our God does not sleep nor slumber, therefore we should be proud to do His work faithfully.

Part of the King’s business is prayer,we need to pray as children of God, not only for ourselves but for the nation and the world as a whole. At a time like this we need prayers of peace and love all over the world.

Also showing love and care to others is another way of doing the King’s business, ‘follow peace with all men’ ‘Have a good relationship with everyone around you, little love can bring smile on someone’s face.

In fulfilling this, we need God’s wisdom and grace, I pray that God will grant us grace to do the King’s business in Jesus name.



Happy New Month!

You are welcome into the month of June!This month shall be a month of immeasurable blessings, happiness, good health,fulfilled Destiny and breakthrough. 

Your time of rejoicing has come,enjoy!

Shalom xx 


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Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua is currently the unified heavyweight world champion. He is now one of Britain’s most successful sportsmen. When I read this young man’s story, I observed that we have a lot to learn from his story ,especially African parents. A time has come for parents to start supporting  children through their respective skills and talent.

Though we need to ensure they are educated, agreed but alongside ,let us encourage and motivate them in whatever talents they show up with. African parents are fond of  focusing on professional career , ‘ you will be a lawyer, engineer,doctor ,accountant,etc.’ I am also guilty of this oo.

Anthony Joshua started as a footballer and athlete during his teenage years, according to him ,he had a rough time as a teenager, but with the support of his family, especially his mum, he was able to breakthrough.

The love he has for his mum is immeasurable, up till date he stays with his mum,Yetta Odusanya.

Yetta Odusanya says” Joshua has always being a quiet boy even today I see him as being gentle”.

Another noble quality in this young man is humility. Despite all the fame, he never forgot his root .

‘I still eat eba,pounded yam and egusi soup’ he says in one of his interviews.

Congratulations Anthony Joshua! We are really proud of you .xx